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Focaccia, tarte flambee and porchetta

Welcome and congratulations. You've taken the first brave step into a whole new world of Italian style street food. Imagine a place where pizza doesn't exist!... You wander the tiny streets of a familiar Mediterranean city, the air is warm the stone is cool and from a corner drifts an aroma so delicious you stop. It slowly fills your senses. Freshly baked bread, toasted rosemary, soft creamy melted cheese...More herbs...Basil, a hint of garlic, sweet olive oil and the crisp bite of sea salt...This is real focaccia.


Well, this is how I'd like you to think of it. It's how it's done in Italy and that's the way I try to do things here; high quality artisan focaccia flatbread topped with stracchino cheese whenever possible and a choice of Mediterranean herbs and vegetables. I finish it in a stonebased oven and serve warm with or without homemade pesto sauce, salad and of course my ever popular PORCHETTA (homemade roasted pork stuffed with sage, fennel and garlic) 

And to truly capture the scene I sell it all from my pride and joy; a quirky little Piaggio tuk-tuk equipped with coffee machine to boot.

Classic Focaccia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Extra toppings                                                                                                                                                                                             Tarte Flambee (Min 8 portions)

Focaccia Panini & toasties

Tomato & stracchino cheese                £4.70

Aubergine & stracchino cheese              £4.70

Onion, mushroom & stracchinoo cheese     £4.70

Potato, bacon & stracchino cheese         £4.80


Homemade Pesto                              £0.70p

Salad                                            £1.00p

Porchetta (Min. 10 people)                    £3.00 (per person)

Bacon, onion & crème fraiche                £5.00 (per portion)

Smoked salmon, oniom & crème fraiche     £6.00 (per portion)

Various fillings                                  £5.00


Tarte flambee is a French speciality along the same theme. This is for ordering in advance and baked onsite. I stretch a thinner crisper dough over a tray for a minimum of 8 portions, cover with a mixture consisting of crème fraiche and finely sliced onion, salt. pepper, nutmeg and bacon or smoked salmon and bake quickly in a hot stonebased oven.

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Tarte Flambee
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